Phase 3 - Four quarter of 2021
”Special Edition"

Things we are going to be added into the gameplay:

- All generals will have an inventory to equip with weapons, amours, mount and jewellery.
- All generals will also have their seasonal costumes to change. (adds attack, defense, health)
- All equipped items can also be forged in various levels to strengthen the power of generals.
- All equipped items can add different types of gems into it. (attack, defense, health etc)
- More lucky draws to be taken into place including all equipped items and others.
- Equip with certain items or forge into certain levels will give extra bonus.
- More in-game contests to be hold, chances to get all above rewards and other “one-and-only” rewards.
- More Bosses will be added in for different occasions and purpose, so that the players can fully use their generals and other items to obtain a much higher passive income daily.
- More PVP in different events will be added, including camp vs camp, and others classic battles.
- Upgrade of market place where you can sell not just generals, but everything above will be included.
- A whole new world map included with all the cities and villages that actually took place in the era of the Three Kingdoms Battle.
- In the new map, there are fixed Bosses, events, contests and random Bosses, events and contests for players to discover.

Things we are going to do outside of the gameplay:

- You will be able to play our game and trade at the same time on your mobile phone, comes with web version and APP version.
- Whole new graphic design will be upgraded, with new animations of the generals and the game.
- Weekly events in our community to collect votes and ideas from the community members for upgrading of the game.
- And most important of all, get listed on CEX.
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