Gameplay and Model
What you can actually do in the game.
Players can purchase hero boxes from the Merchant store to receive generals in the form of NFT cards which can be deployed into PVE to earn rewards.
Battles between players and the evil Dong Zhuo will be available to earn even more rewards, special NFT cards and weapons.
At the same time, there are different types of daily and weekly events for the players to participate, generate “nice looking” passive income, and create more excitement for the players.
Thus, the basic model of TKB is through story background of the Three Kingdom era, players use $TKB in order to purchase hero boxes to generate various NFT cards, then NFT cards on the other hand, generate passive income for the players on a daily basis, so the players are actually investing in the game, and while they are playing the game in their free time, the game pays high interests back to the players. When the player doesn’t want to play the game anymore, he/she can decide to sell the NFT cards away for $TKB, which is similar like taking back your original investment fund from the game.


Fusion is a function that enables you to combine two lower classes generals into one higher classes generals. The percentage of the success rate will be showed upon choosing the two generals for the fusion.
There are few generals that can only be obtained via Fusion, and with extra rare generals that will be rewarded with a random amount of $TKB for the players.
Things to take note for fusion:
  • All fusion generals has a max of S class, SR and SSR can only be obtained from the boxes.
  • All fusion generals will be reset to level 1, so you have to level them up again in the PVE for 7 days.
  • If you fuse with generals that are currently in the process of PVE, the nft card will be burned into a new general.


Generals can participate in battles to earn more reward tokens, special weapons and limited edition NFT cards.

Battle Zones

1) Player Vs NPC (Non player character)
2) Player Vs Player (5 cards formation)
3) NFT cards collection, system mission (Player will get special general cards upon meeting the collection criteria).
4) Battle NPC Boss!

Game battle requirements

First game - Player Vs NPC Launched
Player Vs NPC battles
"Different Classes of Generals will have the specific boss to battle.
C grade Vs C grade Npc
B grade Vs B grade Npc
SSR grade Vs SSR grade Npc and so on"
Each boss will last for 1 Week and the rewards are shared by all players who joined (Every 1 Week the boss will re-pawn)
Our farms have been plundered by the "wild" and the heroes need to go to the new war zone to retrieve the resources
"More games coming soon
All heroes are displaced to be continued"


NPC Boss
"ZHANG JIAO" Daily mission.
Player can participate and attack the NPC Boss once a day. The total amount of damage will determine the rewards which player can be received. Total rewards has a max limit of 10 thousands tokens. The daily mission will stop when the NPC boss reach zero health.
"DONG ZHUO" Weekly mission.
Total prize pool is 100 thousand tokens. Player can attack first time for free, subsequent attacks can be purchase with 100 tokens with 5 seconds interval.
Total prize pool is 200 thousand tokens. Player can attack first time for free, subsequent attacks can be purchased with 200 tokens with 5 seconds interval.

Player Vs Player (5 cards formation)

Players can choose 5 cards from each level. Generals can equip with items during the battle.
Arrangement of formation is decided by player, the attack and the defence will be base on front to back sequence. Winner will be decided by the most wins during the 5 battles.

Random battles

Player can participate hourly in a system pairs battle.

Ranking battles

Player will get 3 free attacks per day. Extra attacks can be purchased using tokens up to 5 times. Each attack will cost 100 tokens and at an increasing rate of 30%.
Top 100 rankings will get rewards base on the ranking positions.
100th position will get 100 tokens.
99th position will get 100+10, and so on till the top number 1.

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