How to Play?

Step 1

“Top up your $TKB, then you can proceed to either purchase a hero boxes or visit the market for generals.
As you can see, for hero boxes, there are four different kind of boxes, which contains Shu, Wei, Wu and Wild camp generals separately.”

Step 2

“After obtain your generals either by boxes or the players’ market, you can proceed to second step, earn yourself decent income by PVE, PVP or PVB.
Please be noted that while your generals are in PVE, it still allows you to continue to deploy it to PVP and PVB.”

Step 3

“After your battles for PVE, PVP or PVB, it generates passive income, determine by the level and the grade of your general, the higher the level and the grade, the better the rewards are. Some of the events may take up to 5 generals in order to participate, so always own more generals for the own good.”
Last modified 3mo ago
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