How to Earn?
First of all, you need to use $TKB to purchase hero boxes from the merchant shop, and you will have the chance to obtain NFT general cards from grade C to grade SSR, the higher grade is, the better the return, and of course at the same time, the higher grade it is, the harder it is to get.
After you obtain your hero, you can choose to PVE, or PVP, or maybe you are lazy, just "deploy" your heroes to farm, and by this action, it will generate passive income as time passes. Also, there are daily and weekly events for the players to join, to generate huge amount of $TKB.
Players can deposit their NFT cards in the farms to earn daily rewards. Experience points will be added to the generals as time passes, so the players generals will have higher advantage in PVE or PVP events, while facing same grades of generals on the battlefield.
Also, NFT hero cards can be traded on the marketplace, so you can either try your luck for good grades cards and sell them for $TKB or you can collect more generals to participate in various events at the same time to generate huge massive income on a daily basis.
For marketplace, players can also obtain generals cards, weapons and other NFT cards via battles in the game, so which also means the more generals players have in their hand, the more events they can participate and eventually, higher chances of getting various types of NFT card which can be sold on marketplace to other players.
For the NFT general cards, there are four camps for the players to choose, apart from Wei, Shu,and Wu camps, there are one other camps which it will allow the players to obtain generals outside of the three main camps, and there are some other powerful SSR generals contains in it.
As for the the generals, there is a leveling system as well, higher level of general also will different from the lower level generals in terms of passive income, and the level are from level 1 to level 7 (MAX).
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