Wu Camp
Zhou Yu
“One of the top military advisor in the era and the most powerful person in Wu camp other than its leader, Sun Quan.
Zhou Yu, we can say that he was both the right and the left arm of Sun Quan, and also the very respectful person by the people of Wu camp.
However, Zhou Yu was defeated by Zhuge Liang eventually.”
Sun Quan
“The leader of Wu camp, also the righteous owner of the southern part of China in the era.
Sun Quan was the best of the three leaders in terms of governing his people, in Wu camp, everyone is having a much prosperity life compared to Shu and Wei dynasty.
However, when he was old, the decision of the prince is frequently changed as lead to the downfall of Wu empire. ”
Sun Shang Xiang
“The sister of Sun Quan, and was later married with Liu Bei.
She was a fighter in the era, unlike other woman who usually stays behind their husband. In Sun Shang Xiang’s case, she fought with Liu Bei at the front of every battle, and won the heart and loyalty of many generals, soldiers as well as other ordinary people. ”
Lu Xun
“Lu Xun was both the military and political genius back during the days.
He was at the very front of each battle, thus much respectful among Wu generals and soldiers.
Together with Zhou Yu, they are the best partner in the era, while Zhou Yu forecast the battles and make plans, Lu Xun will make sure the plan is delivered on the battlefield, ”
Ding Feng
"Ding Feng is one of the few Wu generals witness the whole era of Three Kingdoms. He served three leaders of the Wu camp.
Ding Feng joined the armies at a very young age, and fought for his glory all the way up, eventually became the general of Wu camp, ranked just below Lu Xun at the point of the time."
Huang Gai
"Huang Gai was the one and only general in the Wu camp for training the soldiers. For all the soldiers he trained, they are much more disciplined and well trained in the battles.
Also for the famous battle, the battle of Chi Bi, Shu and Wu alliance used fire to burn the camp of Wei, Huang Gai act as a key person, who played a fraud by surrender to Cao Cao, which eventually lead to a huge victory for Shu and Wu camp.”
Xu Sheng
"Xu Sheng is the best generals in Wu camp in defence. He has a number of battles that used much fewer soldiers to defeat the enemies. At the same time, he's also expertise in building fortress and defensive buildings."
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