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Dong Zhuo
“During the last period of Han dynasty, Dong Zhuo controls the Han emperor, and gave order by the name of the emperor. The emperor was furious, however, he was young the court is full od Dong Zhuo’s soldiers and generals.
From this point of moment, is where Han dynasty starts to fall and eventually, to the era of the Three Kingdoms.”
Zhang Jiao
“While Han dynasty is still not tears apart, Zhang Jiao formed his army, cheated the ordinary people, in the name of the god, rebelled against the Han dynasty.
However, this event didn’t last long before he and his army was eliminated by the army of Dong Zhuo.”
Yuan Shao
“Before the era of the Three Kingdoms, Yuan Shao gathers all the famous heroes and generals together, in discussion about eliminating Dong Zhuo and restore the Han dynasty.
Those heroes included Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan, after Dong Zhuo was eliminated, everyone gathers has their own opinion on the future of Han dynasty, thus again they went for battle and formed the era of the Three Kingdoms.”
Lu Bu
“Lu Bu was the one and only ever most famous and strongest general in the history of era Three Kingdoms.
Because of seeking for greater power in authorities, Lu Bu helped Dong Zhuo in the battle against the alliance of Yuan Shao and the others. Lu Bu was so strong in military skills that other generals have to team up in order to battle with him.
However, he was defeated when the enemies are way too much greater in numbers compared to him.”
Gong Sun Zan
"Gong Sun Zan was born in a noble family in the north before Dong Zhuo was fallen.
After he grow up, he conquered the northern part of the China, and started a war against Yuan Shao. However, though he had some advantages in the war at first, but eventually lost to Yuan Shao, and was burned to death."
Yuan Shu
"Yuan Shu is the brother of Yuan Shao from a different mother. After Dongzhou's fallen, Yuan Shu was surrounded by Yuan Shao and Cao Cao's army, eventually was defeated and flees to the South.
Later after he settled at the southern part of China, he crowned himself as the emperor, but good days are short, he was again defeated by the armies of Cao Cao and Lu Bu, and died after four years after becoming the emperor."
Zhang Bao
"Zhang Bao is the brother of Zhang Jiao, followed his Brother Zhang Jiao in the rebel of the Han dynasty. However, his fate is the same as his brother, and was killed in the battle."
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