Wei Camp
Cao Cao
“The leader of Wei camp, was a high ranked generals in the capital during the fall of Dong Zhuo.
During the fall of Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao controls the strongest and greatest number of soilders and generals, way exceed the number of soilders and generals from Shu and Wu camps, a true ambitious hero in the era.”
Guo Jia
“After Han dynasty fallen, Guo Jia was under Yuan Shao’s army, however he changed his mind after, and went under Cao Cao.
After swore his loyalty with Cao Cao, he helped Cao Cao conquered the northern part of China, but died at a young age of 38.
After death, Cao Cao claimed he was the best military advisor in the era.”
Sima Yi
“One of the best military advisor in the era, and helps one of Cao Cao’s son, Cao Pi to become the prince.
In his time, he fought lots of battles with Zhuge Liang, including the famous (empty city fraud).
And at the old age of 70, he rebel against Cao’s empire, and eventually, the empire of Cao was fallen into the family of Sima.”
Li Dian
“During the ending of the Three Kingdoms Battle, Li Dian was one of the key generals in Wei camp, saved a lot of Wei camp generals from big and small battles.
Li Dian was a humble person back in the era, never fought for power nor money, and was obsessed with literature, behaving like a scholar instead of a general. ”
Cai Wen Ji
"Born in a scholar family, Cai Wen Ji was abducted by the northern tribes during the era. Later was rescued by Cao Cao, and married.
Cai Wen Ji was expertise in various kinds of musical instruments and poetry, thus she's very fond of in the camp of Wei."
Le Jin
"Le Jin was one of the bravest general under Cao camp.
His victory includes eliminated Yuan Shao, and the yellow turban. Later in the battles with Shu, he defeated the Shu camp which leaded by Guan Yu. After a number of victories, he was crowned as one of the top five generals in Wei camp."
Jia Xu
"Jia Xu is the one and only military adviser in Wei camp that Cao Cao trusts. He is also famous in the era of Three Kingdoms as the No. one adviser. He live long enough to witness the whole era of Three Kingdoms.
At the same time, Cao Cao trusted Jia Xu so much that even when Cao Cao was appointing the prince of Wei empire, Jia Xu is the only one that he inquiry from, being the both right and left arm of Cao Cao."
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