Shu Camp
Liu Bei
“The leader of Shu camp, relative of the last emperor of Han Dynasty.
Grew up in a village far away from the capital, and when the fall of Dong Zhuo starts, Liu Bei formed his own forces with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and so called the famous three brothers of the time.”
Guan Yu
“Ranked second in the brotherhood with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei.
Guan Yu was famous for his bravery and his weapon. While Zhuge Liang was not part of the time, Guan Yu was actually the advisor of the team as he’s well known for his art of war and intelligence. “
Zhang Fei
“The third in the brotherhood with Liu Bei and Guan Yu.
Zhang Fei behaved just like his out look, he had a bad temper and always seeks for sober in the past. He was a butcher before he joined the army with his brothers. However, he’s bravery is no less than Guan Yu, and sometimes, he surpassed Guan Yu.”
Zhuge Liang
“The military advisor for the Shu camp and without a doubt, Zhuge Liang is also one of the top advisor throughout that era. He was famous due to many accurate forecast of the war, and eventually, brought victory to the Shu camp. In order to invite him to join the force, Liu Bei brought his two brothers to Zhuge Liang’s door step three times, only on the third time Zhuge Liang finally agreed.”
Zhao Yun
"Zhao Yun was one of the top 5 generals in Shu Camp, together with Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao.
He fought for Shu Camp for more than thirty years, and had numerous huge victory. In fact, Zhao Yun almost never lost even one battles, and is the one that created the most surprises and victories for the Shu Camp."
Jiang Wei
"Jiang Wei was one of the strongest generals in Shu camp after Zhuge Liang's death.
Even after Shu camp fallen, the last leader of Shu camp was surrendered, Jiang Wei is the only one who is still trying to save the Shu Camp, though eventually they still failed in the end."
Wei Yan
Wei Yan is a general who is good at battle at the front, and trained his armies as well. However, he's temper and his characteristic killed him after Zhuge Liang's death, for him had too many conflicts with the other generals from the Shu camp.
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