Requirements to Play
Three Kingdoms Battle is a NFT game combines with Decentralized Yield Farming on the Binance Smart Chain.(BSC)
Players need to have $TKB in order to purchase hero box which contains NFT card.
$TKB can be purchase on Pancakeswap by using BNB.
Step 1:
Access to Three Kingdoms Website and enter the "app" to access the gaming interface.
Step 2:
Click "Connect" your wallet, you need to have at least one NFT card to begin your Three Kingdoms battle journey. Go to merchant shop and purchase a hero box by using $TKB.
Step 3:
The hero box will randomly generate a NFT card which shows the name and the picture of the general.
Step 4:
You can place the NFT card at the farm to earn reward tokens and nurture your general into adult form after seven days.
Step 5:
Ready for battles.
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